About Us

Ethica Hospital in Istanbul is rapidly becoming a recognized center of medical excellence in the region, focusing on the diagnosis, care and treatment of international patients. Situated in Incirli-Bakirkoy, one of downtown Istanbul’s most tranquil and exclusive residential districts.

Ethica takes its name from “Ethical Personal Approach”, a distinctive concept in treatment and care. All our international patients and guests are guided by a dedicated multilingual Recovery Specialist throughout the diagnostic and treatment process, through to recovery and convalescence in their home country.

Ethica offers a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach based on internationally recognized standards of excellence. State-of-the-art technology provides the highest possible level of diagnostics and treatment, delivered by a team of internationally trained and experienced physicians and specialists. With focus on extreme medical cases across the entire range of medical specialties, the Ethica Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology; 90 patient beds, 3 observation beds, 31 polyclinics and consulting rooms, 5 operating theaters and 17 Adult & 12 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit beds.

Our Foundation- Murat Akdoğan Culture & Solidarity Foundation

Founded in 2005, Murat Akdogan Culture & Solidarity Foundation’s aim is to provide some orphan girls full coverage educational support to adopt multicultural views and gain experience and knowledge for competence on national and international platforms in their future working lives by our support. These girls who has no family support work on a variety of Ethica medical departments to improve their experiences to be supported by our foundation and being their life-time companion until they become qualified personnel.


Medıcal Tourısm- Collaboratıon Wıth Our Partners

Welcome to Intermediary Firm Support Program (IFSP), Ethica Health Group. We plan this program due to the strategic importance of intermediary firms in medical tourism.

We believe into the power of cooperating with agencies, physicians & medical tourism corporations regarding the patients, whom want to get world-class affordable medical services from your destination to our medical instutions, and projects which you want to put into practice.

The purpose of the IFSM is to create a dynamic bridge for communication network between agencies and our hospitals and to build the skill of acting together.

Our Targets, Mission and Vision

Ethica’s vision is to be one of the premier institution in our specialization areas through scientific excellence and quality of service, contribute to the development of medical science by monitoring advanced applications in the international arena, and continue these efforts in the scientific environment.


Ethica’s mission is to be a pioneering, innovative institution that strives always to improve and renew itself; that offers reliable, advanced, patient-centered healthcare; that trains and educates its staff; that puts patients’ and employees’ welfare first; that upholds patient rights and respects the environment.


A Message From Our Founder


Ethica is inspired by the life and work of celebrated medical professionals.

This pioneering spirit continues to inspire Ethica’s current day work, delivering care and treatment to patients from around the world in its hospitals and medical centers in central Istanbul.

Everything about Ethica is focused on providing you with the very best care, throughout your stay.

Our mission is to maintain our position as a pioneering, innovative and continuously improving institution that offers reliable, ethical, up-to-date and patient-centered healthcare in all our services, puts patients’ and employees’ welfare first, always respecting patients’ rights and the environment.

Dr. Murat Akdogan,                               

Founder of Ethica Healthcare Group

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