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Information on Gastric Botox , before and after the procedure

Gastric Botox ; is a non-surgical method of combating obesity, which has been applied endoscopically for 10-15 years in the world, aiming to temporarily neutralize the nerves and muscles of the stomach which are effective on appetite and hunger. Stomach botox treatment takes about 15-20 minutes. In this period, the appetite and hunger of the stomach, which is effective on the nerves and muscles are ineffective for 4 to 6 months because the appetite is reduced, the stomach muscles to lose the ability to contract contraction of the stomach is delayed, nutrients in the stomach for a longer period of food to stay longer, less food easier is saturated and weight is lost.


Normally, carbohydrate foods leave the stomach in 2-4 hours, while gastric emptying of the stomach is prolonged by up to 12 hours after botox application. Stomach botox, stomach hormone secreting parts of the stomach is also applied to reduce the appetite and increase the duration of satiety. With the application of stomach botox, it is possible to give 40% of the excess weight and reach the ideal weight in 6-8 months.

What is Obesity?

Obesity; is a growing health problem in our country as in the whole world. Obesity, which is defined by the World Health Organization as birik accumulation of fat in the body that adversely affects the health dır, is the deterioration of the body's energy balance and the increase in body weight in a way that disrupts the health due to the excess energy consumed.


Obesity is considered to be greater than 30% in adult women and 25% in adult men. Obesity is more than a problem in itself; heart and blood pressure diseases,

diabetes, kidney diseases, respiratory system diseases, joint diseases and sudden developing paralysis is an important risk factor that leads to a disease that must be treated. Obesity is a chronic disease that adversely affects the quality of life and increases the risk of death. According to World Health Organization data, approximately 2.3 billion people are overweight and 700 million people are obese. According to the same data, overweight and obesity account for 80% of diabetes (diabetes), 35% of heart disease and 55% of hypertension (high blood pressure) in adults in Europe, causing more than 1 million deaths each year. Today, at least 150 million adults in Europe are known to be obese.


Obesity Treatment with Gastric Botox 

Obesity; is a disease that affects many organs in the body. Therefore, its treatment should be planned and performed with an approach that is multidisciplinary, ie, in which multiple branches work together in harmony. The following methods are used in the treatment of obesity:


Medical nutrition (diet) treatment


Stomach balloon

Stomach botox

What is Botox?

Botox; It is a medical protein obtained from the bacterium "clostridium botulinum" and applied to the body by injection. This protein stops the electrical current in the nerves of the region where it is applied and thus prevents the muscle contraction for 4-6 months.


Botox has been used for over 10 years in the treatment of eye diseases, neurological diseases, skin wrinkles and excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis). Strabismus caused by unwanted contractions of the eye muscles, neurological diseases in which unwanted contractions are observed in the body, wrinkles caused by contractions of mimic muscles, the effectiveness of botox is caused by the prevention of contraction of the muscles.


How is stomach botox applied?

Botox injection is performed with the application of endoscopy (gastroscopy) which provides detailed internal imaging of the stomach. Therefore, the patient's discomfort is only as much as “gastroscopy”.


Since stomach botox is applied endoscopically, there is no need for any preparation required by the surgeries. The tubular endoscopy device with a camera on the end of the device is provided to the patient by ağız sedation ilaç medications before being delivered to the stomach by mouth. After the device reaches the stomach and the stomach is imaged, botox injection is applied to the application areas. After an average of 15-20 minutes of application, the patient is awakened and discharged 1-2 hours later.


Who can get stomach botox?

Stomach botox application is an effective obesity treatment method which has been widely used in the world and in our country in recent years. In particular, it is a revolutionary treatment for people who have difficulty obeying slimming diet programs and exercising regularly, who have obesity-related health problems and who have consistently failed to lose weight with diet. According to international criteria, body mass index (BMI) can be applied to people under 35. Stomach botox is not recommended for people with a body mass index above 35. In the presence of diseases such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastric botox is recommended after treatment of these diseases.

Highlights about Stomach Botox

In 6-8 months, they can lose 40% of their excess weight and reach their ideal weight.

Significant improvements have been observed in other obesity related diseases.

Due to the high safety profile of botox application lasting 4-6 months, the side effects observed after the application are very low. Stomach botox application is a very safe treatment.

3 days after the application of stomach botocos, appetite and hunger sensation begins to decrease. After 1 week these effects reach their maximum level and persist for 4-6 months. Stomach botox can be used to achieve ideal weight in 6-8 months. People who lose some weight during this period but do not reach their ideal weight can be re-administered with stomach botox for the continuation of weight loss.


* For informational purposes only, consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment

Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Session Time
    20 min
  • Anesthesia
    Local Anesthesia
  • Sensitivity
  • Return To Work
  • Healing Time
  • Persistence of Results
    6-9 Months
  • Hospital Stay
    5 hours

Warning: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may differ.The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..


Stomach botox is a procedure which is performed under sedation, by injecting Botilinum toxin (botox) to the stomach by endoscopy.
It aims to temporarily passivate the nerves and muscles that affect the appetite and hunger of the stomach. The duration of the feeling of satiety increases thanks to stomach muscles which have been inaffective.
People, whose Body Mass Index less than 40 and who want to lose weight without surgery can have a Stomach Botox.
Botox substance has no known dangerous side effects.
The main advantages of stomach botox are that it is a non-surgical procedure, it is performed in a very short time, and patient can return to daily life immediately.

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