NK Immunity Test

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Catch cancer and many diseases that reduce quality of life early! Our body is equipped with a system defending itself against diseases and is capable of self-healing. Our immune system is a very valuable system that defends us against diseases, protects our body from foreign and harmful substances, recognizes and destroys germs and cancer cells. The weakening of the immune system can lead to tens of diseases, including cancer, of our weakened defensive power. Therefore, the evaluation and strengthening of our immune system is very important.


What is a natural killer (NK) cell?

The DNA structure of more than 5,000 cells in our body deteriorates every day and these cells, which tend to become cancerous, can multiply and cause cancer. Our body is also exposed to infestation of millions of microbes, foreign and harmful substances every day.


Natural killer (NK) cells are produced by our immune system is a white blood cell. These cells work like an army defending our body, recognizing, capturing and destroying thousands of cells, germs, foreign and harmful substances that tend to become cancerous every day. The activity of NK cells is more important than their number in protecting our body against cancer and other diseases. Because these cells, even if they are in sufficient numbers, lose their “defense” power when they fail to function.


Since natural killer (NK) cells are on the first line of defense that protects us against diseases, measuring the activity of these cells provides valuable data for assessing our immune system.


What is NK Immunity Test?

The NK Immunity Test is an innovative laboratory test for the assessment of our immune system by measuring the activity of NK cells in the first line of defense that protects our body against cancer and other diseases.


What are the advantages of NK Immunoassay?

NK Immunity Test has been discovered as a result of intensive research to provide early diagnosis of many diseases caused by the failure of our immune system, especially cancer, to function.

The NK Immunity Test is the first and only approved test that measures the activity of natural killer (NK) cells. The test has CE and IVD certificates issued by the European Medical Device Committee, proving that it is produced in accordance with all 24 different regulations set by the European Union, demonstrating that it meets the necessary health and safety requirements.

The NK Immune Test is an innovative laboratory test that is easily performed by taking a few drops of blood and yielding results within 3 days.

Clinical studies have shown that NK cell activity is impaired in cancers of the large intestine, lung, prostate, leukemia and stomach. The NK Immune Test serves to evaluate the immune system before the disease occurs and to take precautions and to early detection of these diseases, especially cancer. (For example, early stage large bowel cancer can be treated at rates of up to 90%, while the chance of treatment decreases to below 20% in advanced stages.)




Who is recommended to have an NK Immune Test?

Anyone who aims to evaluate the immune system and make early diagnosis of many diseases associated with immune system weakness, especially cancer

People who get sick often

People with chronic stress and sleep disorders

People with chronic fatigue

pregnant women


People with a family history of cancer

People who have been exposed to chemicals, hormone-containing drugs, nutrients and bad environmental conditions for a long time

People who aim or have early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis or neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

People with cancer diagnosis, followed by the effectiveness of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments

Recurrent pregnancy losses with no cause (miscarriages *)

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