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In one of the recent publications, genetic causes were found to be significantly effective in 71% of patients admitted to Pediatric Outpatient Clinics (AJHG 74: 121-127, 2004). The situation is not very different in adult diseases. Approximately 3% of surviving newborn babies have congenital disability or discomfort. Our widespread consanguineous marriages significantly increase this rate.


As Ethica Genetics, our primary goal is to reveal healthy individuals before they get one or more of the thousands of diseases such as cancer, sugar, Alzheimer's, FMF and to prevent the problem before it emerges in the light of the latest developments in both modern and complementary medicine. As it is known, full recovery cannot be achieved most of the time, especially when genetic diseases and chronic diseases are caught, and children and adults suffering from the disease are subjected to severe psychological and material traumas.


Prenatal diagnosis in our clinic (genetic analysis from mother's blood or abdominal water), Teratology and risky pregnancies, recurrent miscarriages, infertility, paternity and origin determination, consanguineous marriage and genetic counseling before marriage, diagnosis of genetic diseases, diseases of unknown cause, general check-up and genetic check-up, genetic disease carrier, early diagnosis of cancer and cancer gene carrier.


In the K NK Vue Activity Test ”, which we have recently brought to our country and which only measures a significant part of the immune system, we recommend the cancer patients, healthy relatives of all people, healthy relatives of all ages, all healthy individuals over 40 years old, and those who complain of chronic fatigue and frequent infections. our service. This important check test is included in all of our Check-Up programs, but it can also be performed alone, at the request of the individual or physician.


* For informational purposes only, consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment

Treatment Summary

  • 1-2 sessions
  • 45 min.
    Session Time
  • Local
    Local Anesthesia
  • -
  • immediaetly
    Return The Work
  • immediaetly
    Healing Time
  • 1 year
  • -
    Hospital Stay

Warning: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may differ. The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..


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