Eyelid Surgery

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Eyelids Too Open (Lid Retraction): There is a wide range of lids than normal and may cause dry eye. The cause is mostly thyroid (goiter) disease. It may also occur as a result of over-correction after valve valve surgery. It can be corrected surgically.


Shallot: Shallot is one of the tear gland infections. The disease occurs suddenly within 1-2 days and is accompanied by stinging of the eye, stretching of the eyelid, regional swelling, temperature, redness and pain. In early diagnosis, antibiotic drops, ointment and hot compresses can prevent the formation of shallots, but the disease usually resolves later, as the diagnosis usually exceeds 1-2 days. Recently, cysts (chalazion) occur in untreated shallots. The treatment of chalazion is surgical;


Eyelash Ingrown: Inward lashes are called ik trichiasis.. In addition to the non-aesthetic appearance of the lashing inward, stinging in the eye, makes you feel uncomfortable. These eyelashes rub against the cornea and cause damage. They can reduce vision by causing permanent scars in the cornea. Inward lash roots are cauterized. It is a permanent treatment, it may require more than one session, or the inward eyelash roots are frozen with a device called “cryo”.

If there are too many lashes inward, the skin with the row of lashes is surgically removed.


Facial Paralysis: Eyebrow, eyelids and facial nerve that provides movement of the facial nerve (facial nerve) does not work for any reason as a result of facial paralysis occurs. This may be congenital or may result from tumors, infections, injuries and vascular diseases. In case of temporary paralysis, medical treatment is applied to protect the eye. In the case of permanent paralysis, besides the medical treatment, various surgical treatments are applied to correct the weight loss, closure and deformity of the upper eyelid.


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Treatment Summary

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  • 0-1 hour
    Session Time
  • Local
    Local Anesthesia
  • 1/2 day.
  • immediately
    Return The Work
  • 1-2 days
    Healing Time
  • For a lifetime
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    Hospital Stay

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