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The tear layer consists of a mucus layer, which is immediately spread over the eye, the aqueous layer in the middle and the outermost oily layers. The deficiency or disorder of any of these three layers may cause dry eye complaints and symptoms. Dry eye is a less known type of discomfort. Most people attribute eye dryness to allergies or seasonal changes. In fact, your eyes need a layer of tears to protect the eye surface. The eye surface may be damaged. The resulting condition is a chronic tear syndrome.


The patient may face more serious problems if he / she is wearing contact lenses. The risk of infection is very high when dry eye is not treated. Irritating or not experiencing eye dryness in patients wearing contact lenses causes permanent damage if not treated over time.




Symptoms of Dry Eye

Symptoms of dry eye vary. Patients describe the symptoms of dry eye in different ways: itching, irritation, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or even excessive tear production may be reported. Dealing with any or all of these symptoms is a problem for millions of people. Although many who suffer from this believe that this is a condition that has no other way but to "learn to live together", untreated chronic eye dryness can lead to more serious vision problems.


If the dry eye disease is mild, intermittent or in the early stage, the patient will complain of slight burning, stinging, redness, sensation of weight in the eye, tingling, and foreign body sensation in the eye. Although these complaints vary from person to person, they generally affect the patient's daily life negatively. If the disease is moderate and severe, these complaints may be more severe and persistent. A doctor can only determine if your dry eye is really chronic eye dryness. In order to make this diagnosis, the dry eye specialist will ask you to describe the symptoms of dry eye and the effects on your daily life.

Causes of Dry Eye

Contact lens use: The use of contact lenses can cause tears to evaporate faster, causing eye dryness.


Air-conditioned environments: The use of air-conditioning causes the environment to dry, accelerating the evaporation of tears, causing eye dryness.


Laser operations: The eye surface and tear secretion organs are affected depending on the operations.


Intensive computer use: Due to the decrease in the frequency of blink movement which causes the tear to spread to the surface of the eye during intensive computer use and again due to evaporation of the eye to be clipped less than it should, eye dryness is observed.


Smoking: The substances in the cigarette smoke affect the eye surface negatively.


Rheumatism: In rheumatic diseases related to the immune system, tear secreting glands are also involved.


Heart diseases and diabetes: Tear glands are also affected in various chronic diseases, especially in tissue malnutrition.


Eye pressure: Some eye drops used in the treatment of this condition can cause dry eye.


Aging: Tear secretion decreases in men and women with advancing age.


Drugs: Depression drugs, hormone drugs can cause dry eye.


Environmental factors: Low humidity, hot or windy environments, radiation, chemicals, unsuitable rays, high places (due to low oxygen pressure) may cause eye dryness.




Treatment of Dry Eye

Dry eye, which can adversely affect our quality of life, is a condition whose symptoms can be relieved and treated. First of all, the patient should avoid the factors that cause dry eye. For example, low humidity, hot or windy environments, radiation, exposure to chemicals, high places (due to low oxygen pressure) are external factors that cause eye dryness. If the person is not often found in these environments, the symptoms of dry eye are reduced.


In addition, it would be beneficial not to constantly expose the air conditioner. Making computer use intermittent, reducing smoking may also reduce the complaints a person may experience in dry eye. Patients are advised to increase the humidity in their home and work environment. It can also be stated that they are not present in the intense cigarette smoke environment. In severe cases, although not cosmetically appreciated, evaporation glasses and so on. means.


Artificial Tear Supplements: Artificial tears are the main treatment of dry eye. There are many artificial tears used worldwide. The differences between them are based on the active substance they contain, their packaging (reusable bottle, disposable ampoule, etc.).


Drugs that increase the production of tears These drugs show the effects of the necessary tissues with the production of tears and increase the production of natural tears. Surgical Intervention It is possible to keep the existing tear on the surface by means of a plug inserted into the tear ducts.


* For informational purposes only, consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment

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